bimmer-tool Mod Apk 3.5.26 [Premium]

bimmer-tool Mod Apk
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Namebimmer-tool Mod Apk
Updated13 Jan 2024
CategoryApps > Auto & Vehicles
Mod InfoPremium
Size7.74 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device

Bimmer-Tool Premium Apk is a remarkable tool for BMW enthusiasts, offering advanced features and diagnostics to keep your car in top condition. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the bimmer tool is an indispensable tool for BMW diagnostics.

Table of Contents

bimmer-tool Mod Apk

Bimmer-Tool Premium Overview

BMW, the epitome of luxury, performance, and beauty, deserves meticulous care to maintain its excellence. To achieve this, proper diagnostics are essential. Enter bimmer-tool, an Android app designed to read and clear fault codes, request DPF regeneration (Diesel Particulate Filter), and provide comprehensive data about BMW vehicles.

Integrating Advanced Automotive Systems

The future of automotive technology is marked by interconnected systems and advanced components. Bimmer-tool is poised to seamlessly integrate these new technologies, offering users insight into the most advanced automotive systems. Compatibility with hybrid and electric BMWs positions Bimmer-tool as a tool for comprehensive diagnostics.

Permissions Explanation

Wondering why bimmer-tool requires specific permissions? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Storage: Essential for USB adapters.
  • Photo/Media/Files: Creates CSV files for data analysis.
  • Access Bluetooth settings/Pair with Bluetooth devices: Required for Bluetooth adapter support.
  • Full network access: Necessary for WiFi adapter function.
  • Location Approximation: Possible to use Bluetooth, but the bimmer tool does not read location data.

Compatibility and Requirements

1. Compatibility Check using bimmer-tool Lite

Users are strongly advised to test bimmer-tool Lite before delving into BMW diagnostics to ensure compatibility with their BMW model and OBD adapter. The Lite version proves useful for cars manufactured before the 2008 model year, although some features may be restricted.

2. OBD Adapter Recommendations for All Vehicles

Unlocking the full potential of the bimmer tool requires a reliable OBD adapter. Recommended adapters include:

  • USB K+D Cable: Requires a USB OTG cable for optimal performance.
  • ENET Cable/WiFi Adapter: Ideal for F & G Series, necessitating an additional USB C to Ethernet Adapter.
  • Bluetooth ELM327: Genuine PIC18 or ELM327-based adapters are recommended for optimal performance.
  • WiFi ELM327: Although functional, Bluetooth users may experience less stability. Some devices may require mobile data to be disabled.

bimmer-tool Mod Apk

Bimmer-tool: Features and Benefits

DPF Regeneration and Exhaust System Monitoring

Bimmer-tool empowers users with features like:

Checking DPF regeneration information and status.
Requesting DPF regeneration for optimal engine performance.
Resetting DPF adaptation values crucial after filter replacement.
Monitoring exhaust gas pressure to ensure compliance with emission regulations.

Engine Live Data Insights

This application provides real-time insights into engine parameters, including:

Adjustments to injectors.
Air mass pressure and intake manifold data.
Fuel pressure for accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Additional Functionalities

Bimmer-tool goes beyond standard diagnostics by offering:

Logging data to CSV files for detailed analysis.
Battery replacement registration without altering properties.
Resolving short-circuit errors in E-series that can block circuitry.
Setting oil and brake service intervals.

Supported OBD Adapters

Bimmer-tool seamlessly integrates with various OBD adapters, providing flexibility for users. The supported adapters include:

  • USB K+D Can: Highly recommended for reliability.
  • ENET Cable/WiFi Adapter: Tailored for F & G Series.
  • Bluetooth ELM327: Genuine adapters ensure compatibility with older engines.
  • WiFi ELM327: Functional but may exhibit less stability. Some devices may require disabling mobile data transmission.

Quick Start Guide

Follow these simple steps to unleash the diagnostic powers of bimmer-tool:

Connect the adapter to the OBD II socket.
Start the engine.
Connect the adapter to your phone:
For USB, use a USB-OTG cord and choose the bimmer-tool app when prompted.
For Bluetooth, pair the adapter with the phone in Bluetooth settings.
For WiFi, disable mobile data transmission and connect to the adapter’s WiFi.
Select ‘Car’ in the launcher, then choose the year and model.
Select the appropriate connection type, adapter type, and protocol.
Click ‘Connection’ to unlock the diagnostic powers of the bimmer tool.

bimmer-tool Mod Apk

Common Problems


A K+DCan connection is required, supporting only the ECU of BMW models (e46/e39/e83/e53) and those below the 2008 model year.

Common Problems and Solutions

  • No Response Error: Occurs in vehicles up to 2007 with Bluetooth/WiFi adapters. Select ATWM under advanced connection settings.
  • No Connection: Force-stop diagnostic applications and restart your phone if the correct protocol or adapter settings are unsuccessful.
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