Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod 8.0.18 [Prime]

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NameNova Launcher Prime Apk Mod
Updated18 May 2024
CategoryApps > Launcher > Personalization
Mod InfoPrime
Size12 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperNova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime Apk offers a wide range of customizable features, making it the perfect tool for anyone seeking to create a beautiful and functional homescreen, improve device performance, or manage apps more efficiently.
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Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk

The Nova Launcher Prime Experience

Nova Launcher represents the pinnacle of Nova Launcher’s capabilities. This app takes over your Android device’s homescreen and has garnered significant acclaim. Developed by TeslaCoil Software, Nova Launcher offers a wide array of customization features, performance enhancements, and exclusive Android functionalities. Nova Launcher Prime serves as a potent upgrade to the original Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk

Key Features

This powerful Android customization software offers even more features that distinguish it from its competitors. In this section, we will delve deeper into the exclusive features of Nova Launcher Prime, demonstrating how it can completely transform your Android experience.

Customizable Interface

Nova Launcher Prime places complete control over your home screen, app drawer, and other elements at your fingertips. You can customize app icons, grid layouts, folder styles, and transition animations. Whether you desire a minimalistic, iOS-inspired look or a futuristic and extravagant design, Nova Launcher Prime can be tailored to match your preferences. Nova Launcher Prime is renowned for its responsiveness and speed. Thanks to its lightweight design and efficient code, it minimizes lag and delivers a fluid user experience, even on older Android devices.

Shortcuts and Gestures

Nova Launcher Prime simplifies efficiency in this digital age with intuitive shortcuts and gestures. Navigating, launching applications, and executing actions become effortless with a double-tap or a swipe.

Enhanced Widgets

Nova Launcher Prime elevates widget functionality to new heights, enabling unprecedented customization. You can precisely resize widgets to seamlessly integrate them into your meticulously designed layout. Furthermore, Nova Launcher Prime allows widget overlap and the creation of custom widgets through various plugins and tools integrated into the launcher.

Dock Styles

Nova Launcher Prime offers a range of dock designs to suit your preferences. These include the classic bottom dock, a centered dock, or even a dockless design for a minimalist aesthetic. You also have the flexibility to adjust the number of icons in your dock, optimizing accessibility.

Scroll Effects

Nova Launcher Prime’s scroll effects elevate scrolling to a new level. You can choose from various animations that enhance transitions on your homescreen, making them more dynamic and visually appealing.

Icon Swipes

Icon swipes can add additional functionality to app icons. You can assign swipe actions for specific actions or apps, reducing the need for numerous shortcuts on your homescreen.

Custom Icon Packs

Nova Launcher Prime enables the creation of custom icon packs, ushering in a new level of personalization. Choose from thousands of icon sets available on the Play Store to give your device a unique and fresh appearance.

Folder Customization

Nova Launcher Prime boasts extensive folder customization capabilities. Choose from grid, list, or stack folder preview styles. Control folder backgrounds, animations, and transition effects. With these options, you can create visually appealing and well-organized folders, enhancing the overall look and feel of your device.

Notification Badges

Nova Launcher Prime incorporates notification badges that keep you informed about your notifications. These badges display the number of unread messages or notifications directly on the app icon, eliminating the need to constantly check the notification bar.

Hide your Apps

Are you tired of pre-installed bloatware cluttering your device? Nova Launcher Prime allows you to hide unnecessary apps in your app drawer, aiding in decluttering your homescreen and enhancing organization.

Night Mode

Nova Launcher Prime’s Night Mode is designed to protect your eyes while conserving battery power. Nova Launcher Prime’s Night Mode isn’t limited to manual activation. The scheduler allows for automatic transitions to dark mode at specified times or as ambient light levels decrease. This feature not only enhances aesthetics but also conserves battery power and reduces eye strain during nighttime device usage.

Backup and Restore

Nova Launcher Prime offers seamless backup and restoration options, ensuring you never lose your meticulously crafted homescreen setup, whether you switch devices or perform a factory reset.

Search Bar

Nova Launcher Prime seamlessly integrates a quick search bar into your homescreen, providing easy access to web searches, app searches, and even in-app searches when supported by respective apps. This streamlined functionality saves you valuable time and effort.

Sesame Shortcuts Integration

Nova Launcher Prime seamlessly integrates with Sesame Shortcuts, enhancing your device’s navigation and search capabilities. Deep linking enables you to search for specific content or actions within apps directly from your home screen.

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk

Unparalleled Customization

Nova Launcher Prime empowers you to customize your Android device to your heart’s content. Gone are the days of being confined to your Android’s default behavior and appearance. With Nova Launcher Prime, you can mold your Android device to suit your preferences.

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