Ghosts Prank Mod Apk 1.21 [Premium]

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NameGhosts Prank Mod Apk
Updated07 Jun 2024
CategoryApps > Entertainment
Mod InfoPremium
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Google Playcom.ciberdroix.ghostsandspiritspro

Ghosts Prank Mod Apk, created by CIBERDROIX, is an Android app that lets you play spooky pranks on your friends. With this app, you can make it seem like there are ghosts around by using creepy images, eerie sounds, and even a ghost radar! You can take ghostly photos with your phone’s camera and share them with your friends to give them a good scare. Whether you want to have some fun or explore the supernatural world, Ghosts Prank is the perfect app for a thrilling adventure right on your phone.

Table of Contents

Ghosts Prank Mod Apk

Unveil the Supernatural with the Ghosts Prank App by CIBERDROIX

Dive headfirst into the enigmatic with Ghosts Prank, your go-to app for Android, brewed up by the wizards at CIBERDROIX. Geared to thrill and chill, this app is your ticket to a world where spookiness meets laughter, all at your fingertips.

Spooky Visuals and Videos

Eerie Images and Videos: Ghosts Prank boasts a trove of spectral images and eerie videos, painting the illusion of ghostly apparitions caught on camera. Take your pick from an array of ghostly visuals to craft pranks tailored to induce maximum fright.

Sinister Soundscapes: To crank up the spook factor, the app dishes out an assortment of creepy sound effects—think creaking floorboards and ghostly whispers. Sync them up with your ghostly visuals for an immersive experience that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Ghosts Prank Apk

Ghost Radar and Camera Capers

Interactive Ghost Radar: Channel your inner ghostbuster with the app’s Ghost Radar feature, a digital spin on paranormal detection using your device’s sensors. It’s like having a ghost tracker in your pocket, adding a dash of realism to your ghost-hunting escapades.

Camera Conjuring: Harness the power of your device’s camera to snap photos with ghostly overlays. Whip up convincing ghost pics and share them with pals on social media platforms like Facebook, because who doesn’t love a good scare?

Timed Terrors: Set the stage for spine-tingling surprises with timed scares that summon a ghostly figure on-screen at pre-set intervals. Perfect for catching unsuspecting friends off guard while they’re glued to their phones.

Ghosts Prank Android App

Comprehensive Ghost-Hunting Arsenal

  • Magnetophone Magic: Translate sensor readings into spine-chilling sounds, elevating the realism of your paranormal simulations and sending shivers down your spine.
  • Paranormal Detector: Detect and reveal the presence of spectral entities lurking in your vicinity, turning your everyday surroundings into a playground for the supernatural.
  • Radar Revelations: Pinpoint the exact location of detected paranormal energy on a city map, offering a bird’s-eye view of where ghostly activities are brewing.
  • Ghost Finder: Navigate the spectral realm with ease using the Gauss field-powered Ghost Finder, guiding you straight to the heart of ghostly phenomena.
  • Ghost Cam: Transform sensor readings into eerie images, perfect for pranks or sharing with friends to keep the spooky vibes alive and kicking.

Explore the Unknown with Ghosts Prank

Embark on a ghost-hunting odyssey from the comfort of your couch with Ghosts Prank Mod Apk by CIBERDROIX. Whether you’re out to prank your pals or dive headfirst into a supernatural adventure, this app is your trusty sidekick for unraveling the mysteries of the eerie and unexplained.

Ghosts Prank Mod Apk

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