Arceus X Neo Apk 1.0.7

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NameArceus X Neo Apk
Updated08 May 2024
CategoryAction > Games
Size132 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up
DeveloperSPDM Team

Arceus X Neo Apk introduces an exciting Roblox exploit tailor-made for Android users. Crafted specifically for Android devices, Arceus X utilizes Lua scripts directly on your phone to unlock PC executor capabilities. These include features like infinite jumping, super speed, access to btools tools, and an extensive script hub, granting players unmatched control over their gaming adventures.

Table of Contents

Arceus X Neo

Arceus X Neo Download and Installation

Downloading Arceus X Neo is completely free and simple:

  1. Download Arceus X Neo From the Download box
  2. Install It And Run the Game
  3. Tap on “Get Key” to start the verification process
  4. After installation, open it on your phone
  5. Click on the ‘Get Key’ button
  6. You’ll be redirected to
  7. Complete three steps there, each involving two Linkvertise steps, some requiring app downloads
  8.  Once all steps are done, you’ll receive a completion message
  9. Head back to the executor’s window and wait
  10. Now, you can run scripts with Arceus X Neo. That’s all.

Downloading Arceus X Neo is completely free across devices, though it does require completing certain steps on platforms like Linkvertise or Recognize before accessing the download link.

Arceus X Neo Apk

Introduction to Arceus X Neo

Compatibility and Development

Developed using Node.js, C++, and Java for Android OS platforms, Arceus X boasts floating menus that streamline script execution during gameplay. Initially limited to Android phones, Arceus X Neo now extends compatibility to all major mobile platforms.

Revolutionizing Roblox Hacking on Mobile

Revolutionizing Roblox hacking on mobile, Arceus X leverages Android’s capability to run Lua scripts, empowering users with functionalities once exclusive to PC executors like Synapse and Script-Ware. Lua scripts run directly on Android devices, providing access to a wide range of hacks, from auto-farmers to advanced exploiters like Teleporters, establishing Arceus X as the ultimate hacking tool for mobile gamers.

Key Features of Arceus X Neo

DownloadArceus X Neo Mod Apk

Infinite JoJump

With the Infinite JoJump feature, players can defy physics, navigating the map with unprecedented height and speed. This enables bypassing obstacles, dominating in parkour, surprising other players, and changing the pace of gameplay at will.

Super Speed

Super speed in Roblox lets players zip through levels, outpacing opponents and efficiently completing tasks. The addition of powerful building tools empowers users to construct or demolish structures freely, unleashing limitless creative potential.

Script Hub

The Script Hub offers a diverse collection of community-developed scripts catering to various hacking needs. From teleporting to GUI customization, players have access to a myriad of cheats and exploits for any gaming scenario.

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