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NameAmong Us Mod Apk
Updated18 Jun 2024
CategoryAction > Arcade > Games
Mod InfoUnlocked
Size560.8 MB
Requires Android6.0 and up
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Google Playcom.innersloth.spacemafia

Among Us Mod Apk is a multiplayer game inspired by the classic mafia game developed by InnerSloth. Among Us Mod Menu Apk takes place aboard a spaceship, where players take on the roles of either crewmates or impostors.

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Among Us Apk: Who is the liar?

Crewmates must complete tasks around the ship while trying to vote out impostors who wish to kill crewmates and sabotage it. The Impostors must, on the contrary, blend in with their crewmates and secretly sabotage the ship, killing crewmates, and not get caught. This game requires a lot deception, strategy, communication, and coordination between players. You can play the game with up to 10 people and it is available on different platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC. Among Us is a cultural phenomenon that has been enjoyed by millions worldwide.

The first version of Among Us was released in June 2018 for the Windows PC platform in the Steam Store, and sometime later, a ported version of the game was released for Android and iOS operating systems.

Among Us Apk Full Mod


Players take on the roles of crewmates and impostors on a spaceship. The game begins with randomly assigning each character their role. Crew members are given tasks around spaceships such as fixing wires or fueling engines. These assignments are listed on a shared map for everyone to see, so teamwork and alertness is required when dealing with imposters’ suspicious behavior. Imposters have a different objective! They intend to destroy the ship and eliminate crew members without being noticed. Imposters can slip around through vents undetected and even pretend to be completing tasks in order to blend in with the crew.

Crewmates who find a body or report suspicious behavior to their crewmate will convene a meeting. Players can discuss the matter and vote on who they believe to be an impostor, though an impostor could use this discussion to cast suspicion upon other participants or divert attention away from themselves. Crewmates can vote correctly for an impostor and win the game. If they manage to kill enough crewmates or cause enough destruction on board to prevent them from completing their tasks, then they will gain control of the ship and win.

Although Among Us may seem straightforward, winning requires an immense amount of strategy, communication, teamwork and coordination.

  • Among us is a multiplayer game that you can play it online with your friends and enjoy your time but if you looking for an offline multiplayer game a good choice is Mini Militia Mod Apk

Among Us Apk Full Mod

Graphics: Beautiful but not enough

As you can see from the photos in this article, Among Us is not designed with the world’s leading game engines like Call of duty Mobile. According to the senior design engineers of Among Us, this game focuses more on the gameplay and accuracy of gamers and tries to distinguish between friend and foe by coloring and accuracy in what happens in the environment.

Among Us offers a cartoonish aesthetic with a 2D top down perspective. The vibrant, vibrant color palette highlights each player character by giving them their own distinct hue. Spaceship and room layouts are illustrated using simple, uncluttered lines to make navigation and the ship’s layout easy for players and crew members alike. Animations of crewmates, impostors and other characters also follow suit with straightforward movements. The graphics are straightforward, yet they do not detract from the gameplay experience. Indeed, its simplicity serves to make it more accessible for players of all levels of expertise.

Among Us Apk Full Mod

Pros & Cons


  • The game performs incredibly well in using most of its limitations.
  • Ideas used in the gameplay, despite being subtle, have tremendous effects.
  • Sounds are very attractive
  • Atmosphere resulting from the gameplay mechanisms, especially the sound, is very good.
  • The game and its processes are easy to control and you do not face any special complexity.


  • Thrill of role-playing as a regular and influential crew is significantly different.
  • Mechanism of death does not play a special role in the game, and although the crew killed has limited abilities, most of the potential of this part has been lost.
  • Graphics part of the game is still not acceptable considering all the considerations.

Among Us Apk Full Mod

Sounds in Among Us Mod Apk

The sounds in Among Us are essential to the game’s atmosphere, gameplay and enjoyment. You’ll find a wide variety of sounds effects and music throughout the title that serve various purposes. In Among Us, the most notable sound is an alert sound that plays when a member discovers a deceased body or calls for a meeting. This sound is accompanied by red flashing light to signal to players they should stop their normal activities and come together to discuss what has transpired.

Sound Effects

Sound effects can also be used to perform various actions such as venting, completing tasks and sabotaging the vessel. These audible cues help players comprehend what’s going on and allow them to track other players’ moves. You can hear background music throughout the game. While it is monotonous and uninteresting, it adds tension to the experience, creating a sense that players are working hard to complete their tasks. Though the sounds in Among Us may seem simple and unassuming, they are essential to creating the atmosphere and enhancing the gameplay experience.

Among Us Tips and Tricks

Pay Attention to Other Players

Much of the gameplay in Among Us requires you to observe other players behavior. Be on the lookout for anyone who appears to be following other players or spending too much time in certain areas.

Utilize The Map

In Among Us, the map allows you to navigate your ship and monitor where others are. To avoid being caught unawares, be sure to regularly review it for any changes or updates.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key to Among Us, share all relevant information with the other players so that you can work together to identify any imposters.

Fulfill tasks quickly and efficiently

The primary goal of crew members in Among Us is to fulfill tasks quickly. By doing so, you will reduce your alone time and make yourself less vulnerable to impostors.


When voting, you must exercise strategic judgment. Consider all evidence and be wary of those who attempt to assign blame elsewhere.

Download Among Us Mod Menu Apk

Among Us tries to inspire a new experience for users so that they do not easily trust different people. Of course, many people attribute this to the outside world, which can vary depending on each person’s perception.

But on the whole, what really made Among Us one step ahead of all the games made in this genre was the fascinating gameplay and innovations that we see first time in this game.
The game among us as mentioned above is released for free for Android and iOS operating systems, and users can download it for free on ApkModCT, as well as Windows operating system users can Buy this game for only $ 4.99 from steam.

Among Us Apk Full Mod

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