Zero Cleaner Mod Apk 2.4 [Premium]

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NameZero Cleaner Mod Apk
Updated17 Dec 2023
CategoryApps > Tools
Mod InfoPremium
Size4 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperRed Soft
Google Playcom.redsoft.zerocleaner

Zero Cleaner is a powerful Android optimization app designed to enhance your device’s performance by efficiently clearing clutter and ensuring smooth, hassle-free operation. It’s the go-to solution for a faster, cleaner, and more efficient Android experience.

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Zero Cleaner Mod Apk Ultimate Android Cleanup and Optimization App

Smartphones are now an integral part of our digital lives, serving multiple functions, including entertainment, communication, and productivity. However, as time goes by, Android devices tend to accumulate more and more data, which can slow down performance and eat up storage space. This, in turn, leads to a less satisfying user experience and an increased need for storage. But there’s good news! The Zero Cleaner app provides a straightforward solution. It’s the ultimate Android cleaning app.

Zero Cleaner: clear cache Mod Apk


Your Android device deserves to run smoothly and clutter-free, Zero Cleaner Mod Apk makes it easy to maintain its performance. Use it today to experience the ultimate Android cleanup and optimization app. Say goodbye to clutter, slowness, and the headaches associated with managing an Android device!

The primary function of Zero Cleaner is to delete unnecessary junk files that accumulate over time and slow down storage systems, ultimately leading to reduced overall performance. Zero Cleaner achieves this by safely deleting temporary and cache files to ensure an optimal system experience.

Speed Up Your Android Device

Are you tired of the frustrating lag on your Android phone? Zero Cleaner provides a solution with its RAM cleaning feature, allowing you to close background applications and free up RAM, resulting in smoother performance and increased speed.

The App Manager

Managing apps has never been simpler with Zero Cleaner’s user-friendly interface and feature set. Use it to uninstall unwanted programs, move apps to SD cards for space-saving purposes, or back up essential files and applications.

Zero Cleaner: clear cache Mod Apk

Battery Saver

Have you ever experienced battery drain issues? Zero Cleaner can extend your battery life by optimizing and identifying power-hungry apps and settings. Battery Saver helps maximize your device’s use while reducing the need to search for charging stations.

File Explorer

Zero Cleaner is equipped with an intuitive file explorer, making file management and browsing simple and user-friendly. Use it to create folders, organize your files, or delete unwanted ones effortlessly.

Antivirus Features

For comprehensive device security, Zero Cleaner regularly scans for viruses and malware threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data and device. These regular virus checks provide the best protection for both you and your device.

Privacy Remover

Zero Cleaner’s Privacy Remover ensures that sensitive information remains safe from prying eyes by effortlessly clearing browsing history, call logs, and text messages from your devices. Zero Cleaner guarantees the security of sensitive data.

Zero Cleaner: clear cache Mod Apk

CPU Cooler

Overheated devices can lead to slow performance and instability. Zero Cleaner monitors cool down and prevents CPU overheating to keep your device operating at peak levels.

Game Booster

Zero Cleaner’s Game Booster feature is beloved among gamers, providing a lag-free gaming experience and ensuring that games run without interruptions or slowdowns.

Automatic Cleaning

Scheduled automated cleanings will keep your device operating smoothly without the need for manual intervention, providing a simple way to maintain its speed and efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

Zero Cleaner’s user-friendly interface is designed for maximum usability. Anyone can easily use it, and its powerful capabilities are further enhanced by a sleek and accessible design, making the app simple to navigate.

Zero Cleaner: clear cache Mod Apk

Zero Cleaner FAQ

What Is Zero Cleaner?

Zero Cleaner is an app developed specifically to optimize Android device performance by clearing away junk, managing apps, improving battery life, and ensuring security and privacy.

Can Zero Cleaner be used free of charge?

Zero Cleaner can be downloaded for free, however, an upgraded premium version offers additional features and an ad-free browsing experience.

What Android devices is Zero Cleaner compatible with?

Zero Cleaner works with numerous Android devices, including smartphones and tablet computers. It is compatible with a wide range of models in both categories.

Is Zero Cleaner safe to use?

Absolutely! Zero Cleaner was created to protect the safety of your device and data without causing any lasting harm to either. Additionally, its anti-malware feature provides further security against malicious threats to further protect your device.

What can Zero Cleaner for Android do?

Zero Cleaner offers several features to ensure maximum device security and performance, such as junk file cleaning and RAM optimization. In addition to these functions, Zero Cleaner includes file management tools, antivirus scanning, privacy protection, CPU cooling, game boosting, and automatic cleaning to optimize device performance and ensure greater device protection and longevity.

What are the steps of junk file cleanup?

Zero Cleaner detects and safely deletes the temporary and cache files that accumulate over time on your Android phone, thereby increasing performance by removing them.

Will Zero Cleaner increase the battery life of my device?

Zero Cleaner features a Battery Saver that can identify power-hungry settings and applications to optimize power usage on your device and extend battery life.

Zero Cleaner: clear cache Mod Apk

How does automatic cleaning work?

Automated cleaning for your device is an efficient and straightforward way to ensure its smooth operation without manual intervention, preserving both speed and efficiency. This approach is convenient for keeping up with modern life!

My device is overheating, can Zero Cleaner help?

Yes, Zero Cleaner features a CPU Cooler to monitor and prevent device overheating, ensuring optimal performance. This feature helps maintain optimal performance and avoid issues caused by overheating.

Can Zero Cleaner recover deleted files?

Zero Cleaner does not permanently delete files to save space, so when using the app, be careful not to delete essential documents.

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