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NameWaze Mod Apk
Updated17 Jun 2024
CategoryApps > Maps & Navigation
Mod InfoOptimized
Size90 MBB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Google Playcom.waze

Waze Mod Apk is a comprehensive travel companion. With features designed to simplify travel and enhance safety, Waze allows drivers to navigate with ease and confidence. Whether you’re on a daily commute or planning a cross-country adventure, Waze will be your guiding light on the road ahead.

Table of Contents

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Mod Apk

Main features

Advanced Precision Positioning

Waze’s precision positioning is revolutionary in navigation. Unlike traditional navigation tools, Waze offers anticipatory assistance by calculating routes and suggesting destinations. This feature allows drivers to save time and energy, making their travels more efficient.

Diverse Offline Maps Worldwide

Waze ensures that users never get lost, even without an internet connection. Users can easily navigate across different countries and regions with extensive offline maps. This feature enhances convenience and reliability, ensuring that connectivity issues never affect your travel plans.


Secure GPS Tracking for Family

Waze’s GPS tracking feature prioritizes safety, allowing users to track the location of their loved ones easily. With accurate location tracking and a simple setup process, Waze offers peace of mind when keeping track of a teenager or an elderly relative.

Share ETA with Friends: Meetups in Real Time

Waze’s Share ETA feature simplifies coordinating meetups. Users can share their estimated arrival time and route details on the map, even if their companions do not have the app. This feature helps everyone stay on track for meetings and enhances the social experience.

The Right Speed Control

Waze’s intelligent speed control emphasizes road safety. The app reminds drivers to maintain appropriate speeds, helping them avoid fines and encouraging safer driving habits. With Waze, users can navigate with confidence.

Efficient Refueling Solutions

With Waze’s Quick Fueling Assistance feature, running out of fuel is no longer a concern. The app allows users to compare gas prices and locate nearby stations, making it easy and cost-effective to refuel. Waze also factors in tolls, helping users avoid unplanned expenses.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Mod Apk

Reduce Distractions for Safer Driving with Voice-Activated Commands

Voice-activated commands enhance user convenience and safety. This feature allows drivers to interact with the app while driving without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Mod Apk

Improved Navigation Experience with Waze Mod APK

Waze Mod APK offers enhanced features to improve your navigation experience. From customizable map skins and enlarged speed limit signage to precise speed camera notifications, this version provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for all your travel needs. However, users should be aware of local laws and regulations to avoid penalties.

Increased Speed Camera Alerts

Waze Mod APK includes a unique feature that displays the exact location and type of speed cameras, both mobile and fixed. This feature provides drivers with accurate information, helping them avoid speed traps and maintain a good driving record.

Larger Font for Better Readability

Waze Mod APK features an enlarged speed limit sign that makes it easier for drivers to see and adhere to speed limits. This enhancement improves safety by ensuring that speed limits are always clearly visible at a glance.

Audio Warnings in All Situations

Unlike the official version, which only alerts you to speed cameras if you are speeding, Waze Mod APK offers sound notifications regardless of your speed. This feature ensures that drivers are always aware of radar detectors and speed cameras, promoting safer driving.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Mod Apk

Customizable Map Skins

The Waze Mod APK includes a customizable map skin with a dark background. This customization not only improves readability but also saves battery life on AMOLED screens. The dark theme provides a better viewing experience at night and reduces screen burn.

Improved Map Readability

The Waze Mod APK replaces the solid orange signal button with a transparent gray one. This modification improves map readability and prevents the “burn” effect on AMOLED screens, ensuring the map remains clear and easy to navigate.

Enjoy a Variety of Fun and Diverse Voices

The Mod APK offers more voice options than the official version. Users can choose from:

  • Vanessa: Clear and unmodified.
  • Morgan: A fun, “Cars”-themed voice, with the option to switch to Morgan’s real voice by deleting certain folders.
  • Svenska: A boosted French voice.
  • Srpski: A Star Wars-themed voice.

Customizable Alert Distances

The Waze Mod APK modifies the announcement distances for various types of controls:

  • Highways: 1500 meters
  • Fast Lanes: 1200 meters
  • Roads: 1000 meters

Users can customize these alert distances in the “Preferences” file according to their personal preferences.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic Mod Apk

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