Perfect Me Mod Apk 8.8.2 [VIP]

Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor Mod Apk
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NamePerfect Me Mod Apk
Updated13 May 2024
CategoryApps > Photography
Mod InfoVIP
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Google Playcom.accordion.perfectme

Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor Mod Apk leads the way in body editing, providing users with a simple means to attain a slim and skinny body shape. The app’s photo editor empowers users to enhance their physique, from sculpting peachy-plump hips and beautiful long legs to defining abs, cleavage, and even sculpted six-pack muscles. Adding artistic fonts and tattoos for a perfect Insta-size selfie is a breeze.

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Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor Mod Apk

Perfect Me: Precision in Photo and Video Editing

Perfect Me emerges as a powerful photo and video editor, providing users with the tools to enhance facial features and sculpt their bodies with precision. Its myriad features, encompassing body reshaping, makeup editing, and video enhancements, position it as a versatile tool for artistic expression.

Reshape Body Editor with Retouching Details

As the pioneering body editing app on Google Play, Perfect Me boasts a diverse array of photo and video editing tools. The innovative AI headshot tool generates realistic Remini AI headshots, 90s AI yearbook images, and AI art within seconds.

Beautify Face, Face Tune Editor

Perfect Me’s editing features extend to facial enhancements with professional precision. The face smoother editor effortlessly removes imperfections like acne and pimples. Users can elevate their beauty profiles by refining skin tone, incorporating highlights, and experimenting with glitter effects. Airbrushing tools ensure flawless photos, while the facelift feature allows subtle facial adjustments. Faceapp opens avenues for experimenting with hairstyles, colors, lip, and eye brightening, and eyebrow reshaping. The AI headshot maker adds a distinctive touch to photos with Remini AI, 90s Epik AI, doll looks, and maternity photoshoots.

Makeup Beauty Editor

Perfect Me introduces a new makeup app featuring a makeup camera for refining selfies. The app includes sweet freckles and clean makeup looks. Perfect365 Makeup offers beauty filters and virtual tools, adding lipstick, eyeliner, and blush to the user’s experience. The makeup editor simplifies the process with ready-made kits, streamlining the enhancement of the editing process.

Selfie Beauty Camera

Perfect Me’s HD camera ensures the capture of great, natural selfies. The AI smart beauty camera creates a flawless appearance with live facial reshaping tools, magic makeup cams for glowing skin, and trendy AR facial stickers and retro effects.

Beautify & Color Adjustments

Perfect Me utilizes stylish presets and filters to enhance photos, making them Instagram-ready throughout the year. Users can employ auto-blur effects to soften backgrounds, add stickers for dressing up, and remove unwanted objects. The AI photo enhancer rectifies blurry photos, ensuring HD quality. Creative expression is further enabled through aesthetic photo and video effects, diverse themes, and stickers. The app facilitates easy photo sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, while the collage maker offers over 100 layouts for grid and story editing.

Create Your Facial Features

Perfect Me allows precise editing of facial features. Acne, facial scars, and melasma can be easily removed, resulting in a more natural and whiter skin tone. The application includes tools for tightening the face, teeth whitening, and eyeliner correction. Users can experiment with different hairstyles and color combinations to enhance their facial attractiveness. Color filters and makeup sets enrich the facial editing experience.

Legs, Tattoos, and Abs

Perfect Me is unique in that it allows users to add tattoos and abdominal and arm muscles. This feature doesn’t just conform to social standards but also celebrates individuality. Users can create a unique visual identity by experimenting with various elements to find the right expression.

Supports VIDEO BODY and FACE Editing

Perfect Me supports video editing, enabling users to edit face and body shapes in videos for a consistent, attractive appearance. The application corrects body flaws and delicately edits facial characteristics with makeup. Filters, stickers, and accessories enhance the video editing experience, ensuring clear and attractive images. Background removal enables users to eliminate distractions and transform blurry images into clear photos. Perfect Me’s video-editing capabilities take center stage, providing tools to reshape and retouch faces in videos. Users can achieve flawless looks, slimming waistlines, and enhancing legs. The app includes tools to enlarge eyes, plump lips, and automatically remove blemishes from videos. The wink video editor, wrinkle remover, and teeth whitener enhance the overall video editing experience.

Accessing VIP Features

Upgrade your membership to Perfect Me to unlock these exclusive editing features. Gain access to premium tools, resources, and personalized support, allowing you to express yourself without limits.

Perfect Me VIP for Android is the ultimate solution to enhance your photos and videos.

Advanced Body Sculpting

Body sculpting tools offer the best way to achieve your desired shape.
Whether you want to add definition to your muscles or slim down for the perfect shape, the app provides the tools.
Choose from a wide range of customizations to create a polished and personalized look.

Exclusive Filter Collection

Explore an exclusive collection of high-quality photo and video filters.
Discover special effects, color enhancements, and artistic filters to elevate your visuals.
Enjoy early access to new filter releases, ensuring a continually updated editing experience.

Professional Makeup Studio

Elevate your selfie game with the expanded beauty editor that offers premium makeup styles and looks.
Choose from a wider range of makeup enhancements, kits, and a variety of filters.
Experiment with high-end cosmetics to create portraits worthy of a magazine.

Video Editing Mastery

Unleash your creativity in video editing with advanced tools to reshape faces and bodies.
Exclusive features include dynamic transitions and enhanced video enhancements.
Create professional-looking videos using the latest video editing tools.

Access to HD Assets

Enjoy unrestricted access to a vast library of high-definition stickers, overlays, and effects.
Access HD beauty filters, face stickers, and retro effects to create a visual impact.
Bring vibrancy to your content with crystal-clear details.

Ad-Free Editing Environment

Benefit from an ad-free editing environment for a more immersive and smoother experience.
Focus on the creative process without interruptions, ensuring a smooth editing flow.

Perfect Me VIP Apk

Edit Your Figure in a Simple Way

Perfect Me’s body-editing feature makes it easy for users to customize their figures. The app’s ability to identify physique and present adjustable sliders makes achieving the desired body shape an easy task. This functionality can be extended to dynamic content with video editing, allowing users to see changes in real-time.

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