Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s Cross-Platform Version Now Available

Minecraft: Pocket Edition's Cross-Platform Version Now Available

Minecraft has been bringing gamers together for years, but until now, players have been stuck playing within their own platform communities. That’s all changing with the upcoming release of Minecraft: Realms.

The new cross-platform version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition promises to create a massive, interconnected world where players on iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox One can all play together. This is set to be one of the biggest cross-platform experiences ever in gaming!

Right now, Mojang is inviting players to test out the alpha version of Minecraft: Realms, which is the cross-platform Minecraft: Pocket Edition. They’re eager for feedback to help squash bugs and speed up development so they can get the final version out to everyone as soon as possible.

If you’re excited to join the testing, there’s just one thing you need to know: you’ll need an Xbox Live account. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay for an Xbox Live Gold membership—just having a gamer tag is enough. You can download the alpha version from the Google Play Store.

By joining this public test, you’ll be helping shape the future of Minecraft: Realms and ensuring the game is polished and ready for its full release. Dive in and start exploring this new cross-platform world with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts today!

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