Logic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk 37.0.6 [Premium]

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NameLogic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk
Updated19 Jun 2024
CategoryApps > Education
Mod InfoPremium
Size28 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperStefan Belinov
Google Playcom.duracodefactory.logiccircuitsimulatorpro

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk is a unique application that allows you to design and simulate electrical circuits. Electronics and electrical engineering are known for their complexity and demanding nature. Practical experience is necessary to truly understand the concepts and fundamentals of these fields. Interning at different companies and building circuits can enhance learning. However, due to various factors, including lack of equipment, these opportunities are not available to everyone. Simulation App can be very useful in this situation.

Table of Contents

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk

Virtual Lab Environment for Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro provides a virtual lab that allows users to create and simulate circuits easily. This feature is especially useful for those without access to physical lab resources. The virtual lab enables users to test different circuit designs without worrying about the availability of physical components and equipment.

Extensive Component Library

One of the most notable features of Logic Circuit Simulator Pro is its extensive library of components. The library includes resistors, transistors, switches, and more. This wide range of elements allows users to design precise and complex circuits tailored to their needs. The application does not limit the number of components you can use, enabling the creation of intricate and detailed circuits.

Circuit Testing

The ability to validate and test circuits is a key feature of the application. This functionality allows users to test the accuracy and functionality of their circuits in a simulated environment before implementing them in real-world scenarios. By identifying and fixing errors during the design phase, users can avoid potential problems and increase the reliability of their circuits.

Editing Circuits

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro allows for the editing and updating of previously designed circuits. This feature is essential for users who want to modify or improve their circuits. Users can save incomplete circuits and return to them later, enabling them to work at their own pace.

Educational Resources

The application comes with a range of educational resources designed to facilitate learning. These tutorials and guides cover basic concepts in electrical engineering and electronics in an easy-to-understand manner. By highlighting important points and providing practical tips, these resources help minimize mistakes and improve understanding.

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk

Device Integration

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro supports integration with various device sensors, allowing users to use their device’s inputs and outputs for circuit simulation. Sensors that can be used as inputs include proximity, light, charge detectors, orientation, accelerometers, media volume buttons, battery sensors, tilt detectors, noise meters, magnetic field sensors, and pressure sensors. Outputs can include buzzers, vibration, sound frequencies, and flashlights. This feature enhances the simulation experience by incorporating real-world interactions.

Advanced Circuit Design

The application supports advanced circuit design features such as combinational logic circuits and the embedding of circuits within each other. This allows users to build complex, multi-layered designs. Additionally, the simulator provides timing diagrams and various grid settings, including snap-to-grid for precise component placement.

Import and Export Functions

Users can easily import, export, and share their circuit designs. This functionality facilitates collaboration and allows users to work on projects across different devices.

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk

Comprehensive Element List

The simulator includes a comprehensive list of elements used in electronics, such as:

  • Logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XNOR)
  • Buffers (standard and tri-state)
  • Programmable logic arrays (PLA, PAL)
  • Memory components (ROM)
  • Multiplexers and demultiplexer
  • Flip-flops and latches (SR, D, JK, T, and their variations)
  • Timers (adjustable on and off)
  • Frequency generators (ranging from 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz)
  • Displays (7-segment, 14-segment, RGB LED, LED dot matrix)
  • Sensors and outputs (as mentioned previously)

Logic Circuit Simulator Pro Mod Apk

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