KWGT Pro Apk Mod+KLCK+KLWP 3.75b406816 [Pro]

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Updated01 Apr 2024
CategoryApps > Personalization > Widget
Mod InfoPro
Size48 MB - 31 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperKustom Industries
Google Playorg.kustom.widget

KWGT Pro Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk + KLCK Pro + KLWP Pro: allows users to easily create customized widgets in various shapes and sizes for use across any layout type, providing endless layout possibilities. It includes pre-made widgets as well as template designs that are readily customizable; users may even start from scratch when designing new designs.

Table of Contents

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk

KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key Mod apk

By this key Mod, you’ll gain access to its features:

Advertising will be removed, supporting the Developer in return. Skins can also be imported via SD cards and other sources; any presets you previously stored can also be recovered; as will Buzz Launcher imports.

Customize your device using the KWGT Pro

KWGT allows users to quickly create widgets displaying data such as time, date, and weather. Users can add images, animations, and graphics for personalizing widgets using WYSIWYG Editor templates or pre-made widgets.

Text Customization

This widget allows users to quickly customize fonts, colors, sizes, and styles in text content.

Custom font support

KWGT allows users to easily create widgets using custom fonts of their choosing – further customizing each widget created. This feature also makes for endless personalization opportunities!

Image & Animated Customization Customization

Whack-a-mole widgets can be tailored to each user’s requirements by customizing images or animation.
KWGT provides animated widgets that enable users to customize animation speed and direction and incorporate them into designs.

Interactivity widgets

Build interactive widgets that respond to external triggers, like touch input. Homescreen widgets that react this way could launch applications or alter system settings or perform other actions as desired.

Low resource usage

KWGT was developed with lightness and efficiency in mind, meaning it will have minimal effects on the performance or battery consumption of devices it is installed onto. For users wanting to customize their home screens without compromising performance, this may be the perfect solution.

Advanced Features

In-Development Features for these Widgets
Formulas, variables, and conditional statements can all be leveraged to create complex widgets.

Share your widgets

KWGT allows users to share and export widgets. Exports may be saved as Android Package files to install them onto any Android device. Furthermore, this community offers users the chance to discuss widgets they have made while giving and receiving feedback from peers.


KWGT works seamlessly with many Android launchers such as Nova Launcher and Action Launcher, providing users with an ideal way to use it alongside the launcher of their choice.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk

KLCK Pro Apk Info

KLCK (Kustom Lock Screen Maker), users can effortlessly produce customized lock screens with the aid of an Android app. Similar to its widget counterpart KWGT (the widget equivalent of KLCK), this application offers users numerous customization features and functionality in order to design unique lock screens that meet individual specifications.

Integration of Kustom Apps

KLCK integrates seamlessly with Kustom applications like KWGT and KLWP to give a uniform look across lock screens, home screens, and live wallpaper. Users can achieve an unbroken appearance across their lock, home, and live wallpaper screens.

Customizable Actions For Lock Screens

Users can customize the lock screen components with unique actions such as swipe and tap actions to launch apps, change system settings, or perform other activities directly.

KLCK App supports live wallpapers

Users are able to create wallpapers that respond to external triggers and touch input, creating interactive and lively wallpapers.

Less resource usage

Light and efficient design allow it to have minimal effects on battery and device performance; making this an excellent solution for those wanting to customize their lock screen without impacting battery or performance negatively. Ideal for users wanting a seamless user experience when adding customizations such as login passwords or notifications without impacting the device life span or battery performance negatively.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk

KLWP Pro Apk Info

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker allows users to design wallpapers that respond to external triggers like touch inputs and device sensors, creating interactive wallpapers which respond to actions like shaking or tapping their device. KLWP supports third-party plug-ins like Tasker Widget and Zooper Widget that let them incorporate data from external sources into their wallpaper designs; using multi-layering techniques they can even make complex designs possible! Being a community-driven app with thousands of active users sharing and supporting each other’s designs further strengthens KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker as an active platform where designers collaborated and supported each other’s designs!

Theme Support

Users can customize their wallpapers according to their tastes with help of various themes provided by KLWP.

Preset Templates

KLWP features pre-designed templates to make creating their own wallpaper simple for users.

Interactive Wallpapers

KLWP Interactive Wallpapers (KLWP) can accommodate various sensors like accelerometers or gyroscopes to enable users to design wallpapers that respond to input from users, device movement or external triggers.

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