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NameKiwi Browser Apk Mod
Updated03 Feb 2024
CategoryApps > Browser
Mod InfoAD Free
Size141 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperGeometry OU
Google Playcom.kiwibrowser.browser

Kiwi Browser Mod Apk stands out as one of the most celebrated and potent mobile web browsers available today. It is renowned for its impressive array of features, dedicated to enhancing your browsing experience. Developed by XDA senior member arnaud42, it has gained recognition for its speed, customization options, and a strong commitment to user privacy.

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Full Review Of Kiwi Browser Mod Apk

Kiwi Browser Apk is constructed on the Chromium technology foundation, providing you with all the capabilities of Google Chrome or UC Browser Apk Mod, but with a noticeable boost in speed and reliability.

Kiwi Browser Mod Apk

Kiwi Browser Apk Mod for Android offers an extensive suite of features tailored to meet a wide range of user needs, from privacy and customization to performance optimization and user-friendly features. Its unwavering focus on privacy, user-friendliness, and top-notch performance has garnered it a dedicated following among Android users.

Ad Blocker

Kiwi Browser incorporates an integrated ad blocker designed to eliminate disruptive ads that can interrupt your browsing. By blocking these ads, you can significantly enhance page loading times and improve the overall quality of your browsing experience.

Customizable User Interface

The browser boasts a highly adaptable user interface, allowing you to tailor your browsing environment to match your unique preferences. You have the flexibility to customize fonts, themes, and icon styles, ensuring that your browser caters to your specific tastes, resulting in a truly personalized browsing experience.

Kiwi Browser Apk Mod

Intuitive Gestures

Kiwi Browser simplifies web navigation with its intuitive gestures. You can effortlessly swipe to switch tabs or refresh pages, making your browsing experience smoother and more user-friendly.

Desktop Mode

For those occasions when you desire a desktop-like browsing experience on a mobile device, Kiwi Browser provides the option to switch between desktop and mobile modes, ideal for websites optimized for larger screens.

Rapid Downloads

Kiwi Browser’s download manager is optimized for swift downloads, ensuring your files arrive more quickly.

Background Playback

Whether you’re a podcast enthusiast or enjoy listening to music on YouTube while multitasking, Kiwi Browser allows you to continue playing videos even when the browser is minimized or closed.

kiwi browser apk

Crypto Wallet

Kiwi Browser comes equipped with a built-in Crypto Wallet that seamlessly supports popular wallets like MetaMask, enabling you to effortlessly interact with decentralized apps and blockchain services.

Enhanced Safety Features

The browser offers a range of safety features, including site separation, which shields your data from malicious websites. Additionally, fingerprint authentication provides an extra layer of security.

Data Saving Mode

Kiwi Browser offers a data-saving mode that reduces data usage while maintaining a high-quality browsing experience.

Immersive Full-Screen Experience

Experience a clutter-free, immersive full-screen browsing experience that maximizes your screen real estate.

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet Mod Apk

WebRTC Security

Kiwi Browser includes built-in protection against WebRTC leaks, ensuring your IP address remains concealed and your online activities remain private.

Kiwi Browser Pros & Cons


  • Performance: Kiwi Browser is built on Chromium and designed for fast web browsing.
  • Ad Blocker: It blocks advertisements, accelerating page loading.
  • Extensions: Supports Chrome Extensions, enhancing functionality.
  • Customization: Highly configurable with themes, fonts, and other options.
  • Security: Features like site isolation are available for privacy.
  • Night Mode: Dark mode for night reading.
  • Crypto Wallet: Built-in support for cryptocurrencies.
  • Background Player: Play YouTube in the background.
  • Data Saver: Reduces data consumption, potentially saving money.


  • Ecosystem Limited: Some Chrome extensions may not be compatible.
  • Security Concerns: Extensions could pose security threats if not used carefully.
  • Resource Intensive: Utilizes device resources, which may slow down older devices.
  • Synchronization Issues: Synchronization of data is not as seamless as with Chrome.
  • Learning Curve: The abundance of customization options may be overwhelming.
  • Updates: This browser may not receive updates as frequently as others.

kiwi browser premium mod apk

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