Johnny Trigger Mod Apk 1.12.38 [Unlimited Money]

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NameJohnny Trigger Mod Apk
Updated21 Jun 2024
CategoryAction > Games
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
Size108.0 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperSayGames Ltd
Google Playcom.time.trigger

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk is a fun Android game where you play as Johnny, an assassin. Your goal is to shoot enemies with good timing while completing levels filled with traps and obstacles. Unlock weapons and customize Johnny’s look as you aim for high scores.

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Johnny Trigger Mod Apk: The Addictive Android Game with Puzzles and Action!

Johnny Trigger is a popular Android game known for its exciting gameplay and cool graphics. Developed by SayGames, it offers a mix of puzzles and shooting action. In the game, you play as Johnny, an assassin who goes on missions.

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter Mod Apk

Experience the Stylish Action of Johnny Trigger!

The gameplay is simple and fun. Players go through levels, shooting enemies and avoiding obstacles. To shoot, you just tap the screen at the right time. It’s all about timing your shots and taking out enemies quickly. The game looks great with its unique art style. The backgrounds are black and white, making the enemies and objects stand out in red. The animations are smooth, and there are slow-motion effects that make the action even cooler.


Johnny Trigger offers an assortment of weapons for players to unlock and upgrade, beginning with a standard pistol but eventually unlocking more powerful machine guns, sniper rifles, and shotguns as you progress in the game. Each weapon boasts unique characteristics including firing speed, damage output and reload time so players can select which tool best meets their situation.

Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

Outfits and Accessories

Players can further personalize Johnny by accessorizing him with different outfits or accessories, not only giving him his own distinct style but also providing gameplay benefits like increased health or damage resistance or improved accuracy during levels, or earning him extra coins. These cosmetics items not only give Johnny a unique look but can provide him with benefits during gameplay such as increased health or damage resistance or earning him coins more efficiently than otherwise possible.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges Johnny Trigger offers daily challenges which provide additional rewards. These challenges often focus on meeting specific goals or conditions within a set time limit and completing them unlocks exclusive items and power-ups for players.


As they progress in the game, players can unlock power-ups that provide temporary advantages for instance, invincibility and increased damage, bullet time that allows more precise aiming, or invincibility that prevents enemies from shooting them down that enable them to overcome challenging levels and bosses more easily. When used strategically, these power-ups help players overcome these difficult tests.

Johnny Trigger Apk

Special Events

From time to time, the game offers special events or game modes that add an extra element of fun and challenge to gameplay. With exclusive rewards that put players through new trials and tests of their skills and keep things exciting for players who return again and again for new experiences, special events add variety to the gameplay while keeping it fresh for returning customers and encouraging repeat visits!

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Unlock New Levels and Upgrade Weapons

As you progress, the levels get tougher, encounter enemies with body armor and others hiding behind cover. Think strategically and find the best angles to take them out. There are also traps like lasers and explosives to deal with. Earn coins by completing levels and getting high scores and use these coins can to upgrade Johnny’s weapons, clothes, and accessories, making him more powerful.

Download Johnny Trigger Mod Apk

Endless Content and Exciting Updates!

There are challenging boss battles that test player skills and reflexes. Defeating bosses unlocks special items and moves the story forward. Johnny Trigger has a lot of content and regular updates from the developers. It’s a game that keeps you engaged and addicted, with its combination of shooting and puzzles. Overall, Johnny Trigger is a popular Android game loved by many. Its addictive gameplay and cool visuals make it a hit in mobile gaming.

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter Mod Apk

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