jetAudio Plus Apk Mod 12.1.1 [Premium]

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NamejetAudio Plus Apk Mod
Updated12 Jan 2024
CategoryApps > Music
Mod InfoPremium
Size22.56 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperTeam Jet
Google Playcom.jetappfactory.jetaudioplus

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus Mod Apk for Android exceeds the capabilities of traditional music player apps. It serves as a personalized audio hub, finely tuned to accommodate your distinct audio preferences. With an array of meticulously designed features, it elevates your listening experience to new heights. Whether you’re a casual listener, an audiophile, or someone intrigued by diverse audio content, jetAudio equips you with the essential tools to maximize the audio potential of your Android device.

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jetAudio HD Music Player Plus Mod Apk

JetAudio: Transforming Your Music World

JetAudio is a powerful audio app that also offers a variety of features to enhance the music experience. This app lets you control the sound of your music with a 20-band graphic equalizer and a range of sound effects. JetAudio allows you to customize every aspect of your music to meet your needs, whether you are a bass lover, a fanatic for crisp highs, or looking for the perfect balance.

  • JetAudio, as an alternative to Avee Music Player, enhances your music-listening experience with customizable audio settings and an intuitive user interface.


JetAudio transcends the realm of a mere Android app; it serves as an audiophile haven. Immerse yourself in a world where audio quality reigns supreme. Every note, beat, and rhythm springs to life with astonishing clarity. JetAudio’s cutting-edge audio processing technology transforms your smartphone into a formidable sound system, rendering each track an immersive auditory masterpiece.

Audio Enhancement

JetAudio simplifies the art of audio tweaking with its array of equalizer presets and customizable profiles. Whether you lean towards rock, jazz, classical, or any other genre, there’s a preset to enhance your listening experience. Alternatively, fashion and save your unique audio profiles, tailoring the sound to your precise specifications. With just a few taps, transform your music to match your mood or the genre you’re exploring seamlessly.

Support for Podcasts and Radio

JetAudio goes beyond the realm of music by offering support for podcasts and online radio streaming. Explore a world of audio content, from live radio broadcasts to informative podcasts, all within a single app. JetAudio serves as your all-in-one destination for music, news, storytelling, and entertainment.

User-Friendly Design

It’s never been easier to navigate through the world of high-quality audio. The user-friendly jetAudio interface makes it easy to access jetAudio’s powerful features. You can browse your music collection with ease, create playlists instantly, and change audio presets without any hassle. With its intuitive interface, you’re in control of your music journey.

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus Mod Apk


JetAudio is all about personalization. You can customize the app according to your style and needs. JetAudio allows you to customize the interface. Whether you want a minimalistic, sleek look or one that is vibrant and matches your mood.

Masterful Audio Customization

JetAudio’s standout feature lies in its extensive collection of sound effects. From reverb and spatial effects to pitch adjustment and speed control, jetAudio empowers you to experiment and fine-tune your music like a professional audio engineer. Delve deep into the realm of audio wizardry, where you can craft custom audio profiles for various genres, moods, or listening environments, elevating each track into a unique sonic journey.

Crossfade and Gapless Playback

Enhancing your music experience, JetAudio offers both crossfade and gapless playback options. Bid farewell to awkward silences between songs, and let your playlists flow seamlessly. This creates a continuous sonic landscape that keeps you fully immersed in the music.

Synced Lyrics

JetAudio elevates your music experience through its synchronized lyrics display feature. Whether you aim to sing along with utmost precision or delve deeper into the lyrical meaning, this feature enhances your music sessions. Lyrics are displayed in real-time, ensuring you don’t miss a single beat.

Visual Delights

For a multi-sensory experience, jetAudio offers mesmerizing music visualizations that sync harmoniously with your tunes. Witness vibrant patterns and colors dancing in rhythm, transforming your device’s screen into a captivating audiovisual display. It’s a visual feast that complements the auditory bliss, making your music sessions more engaging and enjoyable.

Sleep Timer and Wake-Up Melodies

Leverage JetAudio’s sleep timer to craft the perfect bedtime ambiance. Set a timer, select relaxing tracks, and let the app gently fade out your music as you ease into a peaceful slumber. On the flip side, greet your mornings with your favorite tunes through the built-in alarm feature. Commence your day on a harmonious note by setting your preferred song as your morning alarm, ensuring you awaken to the sounds you cherish.

Hands-Free Convenience

JetAudio takes convenience to new heights by seamlessly integrating voice control. Whether you’re driving, cooking, or simply prefer a hands-free environment, you can use voice commands to play, pause, and skip tracks. It’s the perfect companion for your daily activities, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music without distractions.

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus Mod Apk

Discover Unknown Songs with JetAudio

When you encounter a song you don’t recognize, JetAudio comes to the rescue. The app can listen to the song and provide information about the track, artist, and album. Expand your music collection and satisfy your curiosity effortlessly with this app.

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