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NameHEX Editor Pro Apk Mod
Updated24 Sep 2023
CategoryApps > Tools
Mod InfoPremium
Size3.78 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperFirst Row
Google Playcom.myprog.hexedit

HEX Editor Pro Apk is a versatile tool for viewing and editing binary data, this app enables you to modify data in numerous ways. It’s perfect whether you are an experienced programmer or a curious explorer! The HEX editor provides you with all the tools you need to navigate binary data successfully.

Table of Contents

HEX Editor Mod Apk

The Hex Editor

The HEX Editor is an indispensable tool for manipulating binary files, offering comprehensive editing, search, and comparison features, along with an efficient macro system to assist in completing tasks that go beyond its capabilities. HexEdit is an Android application that redefines your coding experience. This innovative tool simplifies hexadecimal editing, opening up a new world of possibilities. Whether you’re a developer seeking precision or an amateur curious about binary secrets, HexEdit is your gateway.

Binary Editor Tools

Hex Editor offers a comprehensive set of binary editing tools, including copy, paste, cut, and delete functions. These tools enable precise manipulation of binary data, whether you’re making minor adjustments or major modifications.

Dynamic File Support

HEX Editor can open and edit a wide range of binary files, including executables and documents. Its broad compatibility allows you to work with various data sources without any restrictions.

Extract Binary Data

HEX Editor facilitates the extraction of binary data from specific segments. You can select and save portions of binary files to create new ones, simplifying the process of isolating valuable data.

Batch Processing

HEX Editor offers batch processing, enabling you to apply the same edits and operations to multiple files simultaneously. This feature streamlines repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity.


Hex Editor features a bookmarking function that allows quick navigation between crucial locations within files. This feature proves particularly useful when dealing with large files, allowing you to jump directly to specific locations.

Recording Scripts

Hex Editor features a script recording capability, enabling you to record actions in a specific sequence. This proves invaluable for automating repetitive editing tasks.


Developers and advanced users can leverage scripting in HEX Editor. Scripts can be authored and executed to automate repetitive data manipulation tasks, significantly boosting productivity.

Support for Endian

Hex Editor supports both big-endian (little-endian) and little-endian (big-endian) data formats, enabling seamless switching between the two. This versatility makes it ideal for working with various data types and structures.

Encryption and Data Security

HEX Editor provides robust data encryption and security tools, empowering users to protect sensitive information within binary files. You can employ encryption algorithms to safeguard data and ensure confidentiality.


You can tailor the editor’s interface to your preferences, creating a workspace with colors and fonts that best suit your workflow.

Data Comparator

Compare binary files or specific sections within files effortlessly. HEX Editor highlights differences, enabling you to identify changes, additions, or deletions between files quickly. This feature is invaluable for debugging and version control.

Regular Expression Support

Utilize regular expressions to perform advanced searches and manipulate data. Regex patterns can be employed to find and manipulate complex data structures within binary files, simplifying the data transformation process.

HEX Editor Mod Apk

Data Visualization

HEX Editor offers graphical representations of binary data, including pie charts, histograms, and scatter plots. These visualizations allow you to understand data distribution and structure, making it easy to spot anomalies.

Search In Functions

HEX Editor’s advanced search features enable you to conduct complex searches quickly and easily within binary files. You can search for specific data patterns or strings effortlessly.

Smart Redo/Undo

HEX Editor boasts a powerful undo/redo feature that keeps track of all changes. You can go back in time to rectify mistakes and explore other editing options without the worry of data loss.

Checksum Generation

HEX Editor automatically computes checksums for selected data, providing a crucial feature to verify data integrity. You can easily generate checksums such as CRC32, MD5, and SHA-1.

Clipboard Integration

HEX Editor seamlessly integrates with the clipboard, allowing you to copy and paste data between the editor and other applications. This functionality simplifies the data transfer process and facilitates collaboration with other development tools.

A Powerful Tool for Programmers

HexEdit serves as your versatile programming companion. It’s a learning platform where you can experiment without fear, and experts can dissect and modify binary files with precision. Whether you’re tweaking game values or analyzing files, HexEdit empowers you to manipulate data at its core.

HEX Editor Mod Apk

Getting Started with a HEX Editor

  1. Choose a HEX Editor: Begin by selecting and installing a HEX editor. Numerous options are available for various platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.), and some are even accessible as mobile apps.
  2. Open a File: Launch the HEX editor and open the binary file you wish to edit. Most HEX editors feature a “File” menu with file-opening options.
  3. Understand the Interface: HEX editors typically employ a dual-pane interface. One pane displays the hexadecimal values of the file, while the other showcases corresponding ASCII characters if applicable. You’ll also find information about the file’s offset (position) and various editing options.
  4. Navigate: Utilize the arrow keys, mouse, or scroll bars to move through the file. You can navigate one byte at a time, jump to specific offsets, or scroll through the data.
  5. Edit Data: To modify data, click on the hexadecimal or ASCII value you wish to change and input the new value. Exercise caution during editing, as any error can potentially corrupt the file.
  6. Save Changes: After making edits, save your changes. Most HEX editors include a “Save” or “Save As” option in the File menu. Some may also automatically prompt you to save when closing the editor.
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