BeautyCam Mod Apk 12.0.80 [VIP]

BeautyCam - Beautify & AI Art Mod Apk
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NameBeautyCam Mod Apk
Updated15 Jun 2024
CategoryAI > Apps > Photography
Mod InfoVIP
Size189.9 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperMeitu (China) Limited
Google Playcom.meitu.meiyancamera

BeautyCam – Beautify & AI Art Mod Apk serves as an all-encompassing solution for photo and video editing needs. Its blend of multiple features and user-friendly interface positions it as a top choice for enhancing digital imagery. Whether for professional-quality content or personal use, BeautyCam stands as a potent and versatile tool in mobile photography.

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BeautyCam Mod Apk

BeautyCam’s Multifaceted Functions

BeautyCam’s expansive range of photo editing features significantly enhances the user experience:

High-Quality Photo Filter System

BeautyCam boasts an advanced photo-filtering system with a variety of distinctive color effects. It allows users to fine-tune the brightness and sharpness, enabling them to personalize each image to their style.

Instant Gorgeous Selfies

With just a click, makeup effects can be applied, obviating the need for physical makeup.

Creative Video Production

Users can craft unique and appealing videos for both personal and professional purposes.

Portrait Mode

The app’s portrait mode offers exceptional sharpness and artistic background blurring. Ideal for portrait photography, BeautyCam offers tools to capture crisp images with artistically blurred backgrounds, mimicking high-end camera output. Its adaptability to various lighting conditions makes it a valuable asset for budding photographers.

Diverse Filter Options

A vast selection of filters is available to augment the aesthetic appeal of photos.


BeautyCam, free and designed for a wide audience, simplifies photo editing with its intuitive interface.

Video Creation Capabilities

In addition to photo editing, BeautyCam facilitates video editing and creation. It ensures high-quality output for both short clips and more elaborate productions. BeautyCam employs AI for advanced video editing, analyzing content, and suggesting improvements to enhance quality and visual appeal, such as stabilization, color grading, or filter application.

Creative Background Effects

BeautyCam boasts a wide range of background effects, enabling users to blur, replace, or artistically alter the backdrop of their photos, adding depth and context to each image. It also includes an easy-to-follow

Dynamic Lighting Adjustment

BeautyCam distinguishes itself with its dynamic lighting adjustment feature, allowing users to modify the lighting in their images to always present themselves in the best possible light. In addition, there’s a real-time photo enhancement capability.

Precise Facial Feature Editing

BeautyCam offers meticulous editing options for facial features, including adjusting eye size, reshaping noses, and refining lip shapes. These adaptable editing tools, combined with dynamic lighting adjustments, enable users to create images that closely align with their ideal self-representation.

Skin Beautification Techniques

This app sets itself apart with its state-of-the-art skin beautification tools. Users can effortlessly smooth their skin, diminish blemishes, and attain a natural glow, culminating in a refined and professional appearance. Plus, customizable facial feature editing is available!

BeautyCam - Beautify & AI Art Mod Apk

Camera Functionality

High User Satisfaction

BeautyCam has garnered acclaim for its intuitive design and versatile functionality. Its user-friendly feature grouping enhances app exploration, allowing for smooth navigation of its capabilities.

Unique Selfie Camera Experience

The app’s built-in selfie camera comes equipped with various effects and tones, streamlining the photo editing process and minimizing the need for extensive post-processing. The app elevates photos with various makeup effects, creating professional-looking transformations. These effects enhance facial features and brighten skin tones, offering a polished appearance.
Effortless Portrait Photography

Adding Personal Touches with Effects

Users can personalize their photos with a range of stickers, frames, and effects, fostering self-expression and creative vision.

Real-Time Photo Enhancement

With BeautyCam’s real-time enhancement feature, users can instantly see the effects of filters or edits, making impactful aesthetic decisions before capturing the final shot. The app also offers creative background effects!

BeautyCam Apk

AI-Driven Features in BeautyCam

Incorporating AI technologies in BeautyCam marks a significant advancement in photo editing applications. By automating complex tasks, offering intelligent suggestions, and evolving with user interactions, BeautyCam provides a pioneering experience for both amateur and professional photographers.

AI-Powered Skin Analysis and Enhancement

A prominent AI feature of BeautyCam is its skin analysis and enhancement tool. This technology examines users’ skin, identifying imperfections like blemishes, wrinkles, or uneven tones. It then applies instant corrections, resulting in flawless complexions uniquely tailored to each individual’s skin characteristics. This process ensures quick, natural-looking results for every user.

Intelligent Facial Feature Recognition and Adjustment

BeautyCam’s AI algorithms are proficient in recognizing and adjusting facial features. They can automatically detect facial contours and suggest enhancements such as reshaping jawlines, correcting eye symmetry, or refining nose shapes. Users have the option to follow AI recommendations or manually adjust, offering a blend of automation and personal control for optimal results.

Smart Lighting and Color Correction

AI is crucial in BeautyCam’s smart lighting and color correction, analyzing the lighting conditions in each photo. It adjusts brightness, contrast, saturation, and vibrance accordingly. This feature ensures images are vibrant and well-balanced, regardless of their original lighting conditions.

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