Battery Guru Mod Apk 2.3.5 b524 [Premium]

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NameBattery Guru Mod Apk
Updated09 Jul 2024
Version2.3.5 b524
CategoryApps > Tools > Utilities
Mod InfoPremium
Size8 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Google Playcom.paget96.batteryguru

Battery Guru: Battery Health Mod Apk keeps your battery in top condition. This app is designed to extend your device’s battery life and monitor its performance. Battery Guru will help you manage your batteries more intelligently and efficiently, ensuring all your devices run smoothly and safely.
Table of Contents

Battery Guru: Battery Health Mod Apk

Why Use Battery Guru?

Battery Guru is constantly updated with new features. It provides comprehensive battery information, health estimations, and personalized alerts to help you develop better charging habits.

Battery Health Monitoring

Battery Guru helps you track your device’s performance and monitor its battery health. It prevents battery failure, explosions, and overloads by managing the charging process.

  • Battery Tracking: Provides real-time updates of your battery capacity and syncs your charging process to your device.
  • Decline Notifications: Alerts you when battery power is decreasing to help conserve remaining battery power.
  • Replacement Alerts: Alerts you when the battery is fully charged and provides an estimate of the full charge time. Unplug your charger immediately.

Battery Guru: Battery Health Mod Apk

Usefulness Insights

This app provides detailed information about your battery’s energy consumption, helping you adjust your usage patterns to extend battery life.

  • Live Usage Tracking: Tracks battery usage across settings and applications.
  • Battery Analysis: Identifies settings or apps that use the most energy and allows you to make adjustments to protect your device.
  • Battery Optimization: This helps you optimize battery use by detecting power-hungry apps.

Smart Charging

Battery Guru’s Smart Charging feature helps you unplug your charger at the correct time, avoiding overcharging.

  • Optimized Charging Speed: Monitors the charging rate to prolong battery life.
  • Overcharging Prevention: Prevents overcharging and its associated risks, such as battery explosions.
  • Adaptive Charger Habits: Offers notifications that alert you when your battery is fully charged so you can remove it from the charger.

Power Saving Modes

Battery Guru’s customizable power profiles and battery-saving features help you manage energy consumption.

  • Customizable Power Profiles: Provides suggestions on closing unnecessary tabs and saving battery life.
  • Auto Battery Saver: Automatically switches to low battery mode to prolong battery life until a charger is connected.
  • Customizable Settings: Allows you to adjust screen brightness and background apps to save power.

Reminders and Notifications

Battery Guru’s intuitive interface offers timely notifications and reminders to help you manage your battery effectively.

  • Charger Reminders: Alerts you to the estimated time of full charge so you can unplug your charger immediately.
  • Battery Alerts: Provides detailed statistics on energy consumption for better monitoring.
  • Battery Updates: Provides warnings to ensure you are aware of any problems during the charging process.

Battery Guru: Battery Health Mod Apk

Key Features

  • Battery Capacity Measurement: Find out your battery’s capacity in real-time, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). Supports twin battery setups.
  • Calibration Tips: Provides tips on calibrating your battery and charger controller for optimal performance.
  • Charge Level and Temperature Alerts: Receive charge levels and temperature notifications to prolong battery life.
  • Detailed Application Usage Statistics: Monitor detailed app usage to identify battery-hungry applications.
  • Wakelock Insights: Track wake-locks to understand power consumption patterns.
  • Charge Remaining and Usage Time: See how much charge you have left and how long it will take to charge your device fully.
  • Screen Time Estimates: Calculates the estimated time your screen will be on or off based on the remaining battery.
  • Sleep Analysis: Calculate the percentage of time you spend awake and in deep sleep to manage power consumption better.
  • Battery Status in Real Time: Get real-time, detailed updates about your battery’s state.
  • Advanced Battery-Life Extension Technology: Utilizes advanced methods for extending battery life and saving power.
  • Dual Battery Support: Ideal for devices with dual-battery configurations.
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