AI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk 1.25 [Premium]

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NameAI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk
Updated25 May 2024
CategoryAI > Apps
Mod InfoPremium
Size138.76 MB
Requires AndroidVaries with device
DeveloperTalkao - Talk & Translate

AI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk: Language barriers have never been more essential in an increasingly globalized society, and this app uses cutting-edge augmented reality and translation Apps to offer an innovative solution that allows users to translate texts, conversations, and environments instantly for immersive translation experience.

Table of Contents

AI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk

AR Translator + AI Camera: Bridging Languages

The AR Translator + AI Camera Translator is a groundbreaking tool that merges augmented reality with advanced translation technologies, helping to overcome language barriers and connect people worldwide. Ideal for travelers, communicators, and students, it facilitates seamless interactions and fosters greater understanding across different languages and cultures.

Supported Languages

The app supports many languages, including but not limited to:

Chinese (simplified and traditional)

AI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk

Real-Time Conversation Translation

AR Translator + AI Camera enables users to have conversations in multiple languages while real-time subtitles are displayed on the screen. Paired with smart glasses, this feature allows travelers to seamlessly understand anyone they encounter. Voice and image translators make this app the most comprehensive translation tool available.

Advanced Facial and Speech Recognition

The app utilizes artificial intelligence to identify human faces, eye, and mouth movements, ensuring accurate and interference-free language translation. This advanced technology provides high-quality translations, with subtitles appearing in real-time, similar to those on video platforms.

Recognizing Objects and Environments

Labeling Objects

With the object recognition feature, users can label objects around them in both languages, regardless of proximity. The 360-degree functionality is achieved using the camera of mobile devices or smart eyewear. By clicking on the “+” button, users can access synonyms, definitions, and other information.

Scene Mode

Scene mode utilizes object recognition to identify the environment and translate it. For example, it can determine whether the scene is a bustling Japanese alley or a hot summer night with a full moon. This feature allows users to understand their environment through detailed AR translations better.

Discussion Modes

Front Camera (Selfie Mode)

Selfie mode is ideal for translating video and voice messages into another language, facilitating direct, personal communication between users.

Back Camera

Users can use the back camera to focus on someone who is speaking and see subtitles in their preferred language, enabling real-time understanding of conversations and improving face-to-face interaction.

AI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk

Premium Mod Features

  • Ad-Free Experience: Advertisements have been removed to allow uninterrupted use.
  • Optimized Graphics: Improved graphics for faster loading.
  • Cleaned Package: Streamlined app package for efficiency.
  • Removed Debug Information: Improved privacy and security.

Future of Communication

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are integrating to create a new age of communication. The AR Translator + AI Camera Translator will eliminate language barriers, revolutionizing language learning and global communication by translating and recognizing everything around you.

AI Translate Camera Translator Mod Apk

Latest Updates New Features

  • AI-Powered Audio Mode: Improved interface for audio translation.
  • Text Mode: Translate text quickly using your camera.
  • Multilabel Detection: Recognize multiple objects and translate them simultaneously.


Bug Fixes: Minor problems have been fixed for a better experience.
Enhancement of Stability: Optimized performance for reliability.

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